tisdag 22 september 2009

3 days solo hiking in Vålådalen

I just got back from 3 days hiking in Vålådalen, Jämtland, Sweden. I hesitated a lot before going, but finally bought a train ticket and went on my own. It was my first solo trip. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. It was a fantastic trip. Here is a link to a photo album from the trip:
Picase photo album from Vålådalen
I will write more on my experiences soon. It was an interesting trip in many respects. It was my first solo trip. I also saw the beautiful autumn colours the first time and I used the Bushbuddy for cooking all meals.

Lillådörren seen from Saalvantjahke

The lake at Lunndörrsstugan in the evening sun

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  1. Is it possible to rent the Sauna at Lunndörrsstugan, or is it free? Because I think we should go there =)

    Goregeous photos, Gustav. You had good luck with the weather, it seems!

  2. Wow! Now I'm even more excited about visiting there next year! It looks beautiful in it's autumnal plumage. Fingers crossed for good weather in the Spring...

  3. It really is a nice area. I'm already thinking of a good route for spring. The sauna is open for the public as it is part of the fascilities at Lunndörrsstugan. The normal price is about 9€ then you can use all the fascilities at the mountain hut. The only problem is that the hut is not open until the 24/6.

  4. Beautiful photos of a beautiful area, I too am excited about the prospect of touring the area. What camera are you using Gustav? I have hiked on my own for many years now, and always enjoy it.

  5. I used a Nikon D40 with the standard kit lens for most photos. I also took a fixed 35mm Nikkor lens which I used on some shots, but I haven't really learned to use that one yet. In hindsight I should have taken the 55-200mm telezoom lens instead. The most important piece of equipment though was the tripod. The camera equipment added a lot of weight, 1,5kg. Although I had a fairly light load, around 11kg (In the backpack), I questioned my choice of taking the heavy camera a lot when I was tired. You be the judge if it was worth it. Can you take as good photos with a compact? I could have taken a Canon Powershot which still has the possibility for manual settings.

  6. Thanks Gustav, yes I am carrying a Pentax DSLR (with a 18 to 250 lens) at the moment, and I need to find a lightweight tripod. Previously I carried a Ricoh GX 100 which gave me a lot of control over the photos, but lacked the zoom.

  7. Really very beautiful place i am very excited to visit this place.
    Mats Lundkvist
    Trekking is my call of fame